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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Rosary stands in a league of its own.

When I kneel
before Our Lady of Fatima as her daughter, I see in
front of me Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. Our Lady is
speaking to them: Pray the Rosary every day. But, if I call myself Our Lady's daughter, I can't pretend that She is not speaking to me as well. I can't
look over my shoulder as if She is speaking to someone
else. No, She is speaking to me and to my children as

The Fatima children were very young.
Our Lady asked them to pray the Rosary. I don't ask my
youngest children to pray the whole Rosary, but, you
know what, after all these years of determined Rosary
praying, it is my youngest children, 4 &
2 years old who love to pray the rosary, who love to lead, and more
or less, pray the Rosary. I have to struggle with the
little boys, but, they hear me belt out the Rosary and
I repeat day after day "This isn't my command, but the
request of the Queen of Heaven."

I have another image from the Lord of the Rings which
illustrates the point of praying the Rosary every day.
In Moria, just before Gandalf is dragged into the pit,
he slams his staff down before that monster and says:
YOU SHALL NOT PASS! We have to be like that. The day
should not pass without praying the Rosary. We have to
figure out the way to get this done. For me, I had
this experience a few years ago. I just decided to
pray the rosary with EWTN at 3:30. That's what I was
going to do, to get it done. Well, then it happened,
that my only child at the time, would be hungry. So, before 3:30 EWTN, we
had a snack, so she would be able to make it through
the Rosary (I think she was about 3 years old at this
time.) Well, after "Build, Build, Build" happened
after several years. We have tea time, with a few of the
Mercy Chaplet prayers, a Marian examination of conscience and the gospel reading from the daily Mass.

Here's another image:

Dinner time rolls around and your kids come to you and
"Hey Mom - What's for dinner?"
"Oh, I am sorry. I had too much laundry to do today.
And you know how long your schooling took today."
"Oh, but couldn't you just boil some spaghetti and put
butter on it?"
"Well, actually, I can't even boil water today. The
baby's been sick and throwing up. I have to continue
to hold her. I can't get near the stove."
"Oh Mom! We'll be so hungry if we eat NOTHING. We were
looking in the panty and found some Cheeze Its.
Couldn't we just have Cheeze Its tonight?"
"Well, I guess because of the day its been, its all
right, just for tonight."
"Hip, Hip, Hurray!"

Please forgive the digression into processed foods,
but, I think the Cheeze It dinner, gets across
the idea of how important it is to say the Rosary
every day. Sometimes, once and awhile, the "cheeze it
rosary" is better than nothing. Do we want a steady
diet of "cheeze it rosaries"? No. But, sometimes
"something is better than nothing."