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Friday, January 27, 2006

Go to St. Joseph

Reflections on The Silence and Strength of St. Joseph

Whenever we find St. Joseph in the Gospel he is engaged in a difficult, life altering situation. St. Joseph faced great challenges that would make even a great man groan. Yet, St. Joseph remained silent.

What do I do? I must follow the law, but how can I? The law demands stoning. There is something so holy going on here I must not belong here. I must have made a mistake. What do I do?

Birth of Christ
I must obey the king of this world and cause my wife discomfort. She is due to have the Holy Child any day now. I must ask her to travel 70 miles in winter.
Now that I have brought my family here to Bethlehem, there is nowhere for us to stay. Turned away by all, what am I to do now? Where should I go?
A stable? Is this the fitting birth place of the King of Kings? Have I done what God wishes?

Slaughter of the Innocents
Herod is in a jealous rage. He is seeking the life of the Divine Child. He will stop at nothing. Many are his spies, his people, his soldiers. How will I evade his evil? Where can I go? How can I take my family to safety?

Flight into Egypt
No friends, no family, no business connections, no Temple, nothing familiar; with my family, I face only poverty and hard work. How long do we stay here? How do I find work to support my family? How will I practice my faith? How do I keep my family safe?

Return from Egypt
Archelaus is ruling. He may be a threat to the Divine Child. I must be cautious. How can I keep my family safe? Where shall I take them? What is the Will of God?

Loss in the Temple
Where did He go? Where should we look for Him? What did I do wrong? Look how my Holy Spouse suffers.

St. Joseph was able to lead the Holy Family successfully because of his great faith, his keen intellect, his total self detachment, and his profound prayer.

In all these events, we see Our Lady listening to and following the direction of St. Joseph. Indeed, the Lord Himself listened to Joseph. How encouraging to those facing life changing events, to place all their concerns for their families in the competent and blessed hands of St. Joseph.

Go to Joseph!